Final Project

Social and Cultural History of Rock and Roll Final Exam and Presentation-Spring 2011


The purpose of your final project is to answer this essential question:

How has Rock & Roll reflected and been influenced by major social and cultural events and values during the last fifty-five years (from the mid 50’s to today)?

You will be graded during the fourth quarter as you work to complete your final presentation.  I will provide some work time in class.  You will submit various pieces during the term, for which you receive grades.  You will be responsible individually for your part of the final project

Overview of the Project

You will choose a topic and the associated five songs.  You will listen to and analyze each song and then write a paper (two to three pages) which contrasts and compares your songs and relates them to the social and cultural events of the times in which they were written.  You will choose a partner.  You will each choose your favorite song from the five chosen in your category and compare and contrast the two songs as part of your joint PowerPoint presentation.  You will then jointly create a summary slide addressing the essential question.

 Pick a Project Topic and Song List

The List of the Topics and Song Lists are appear at the end of  this document.  Each student should pick one of the included topics and song lists.

Pick a Partner (See List at End)

You should pick a partner based on his or her topics; I would recommend choosing a partner with a similar or related topic.   Also, since seniors end the term early, their presentations must be given during senior final week (during the week of May 23 – May 27).  Other presentations will most likely occur after that.  I would recommend that you choose a partner in your class.

Song Analysis

Listen to each song.  Do a song analysis using the standard form for each of the five songs you choose from your  list – be sure to connect your song to the social and culture of the time in which they were written.  Remember each song must have lyrics, edited and not containing any advertisements.

Research the Social and Cultural Period(s) to which you are connecting and submit your references to me.  These can come from your text and from other books and on-line sources.

Connect Your Songs to Social and Cultural Climate of the Time

You should have at least 2 to 3 – 8 ½ by 11 pages (12pt type – double spacing). For each song write a paragraph or two which describes your song and connects the song to the social and cultural background of the time in which the song was written.  You should be explaining how the song has been influenced by the social and cultural changes or is being used to influence social and cultural changes. Be sure to include references.

Comparing and contrasting your favorite songs.

What are the similarities and differences in the favorite songs that you and your partner choose? You may compare or contrast by analyzing the way the songs make you feel, the way they relate to social and cultural question or talk about the music.  It may be helpful to choose songs that were written about the same time.

 Presentation (20 minutes) for two partners

  • Title page with Topic names and Partner names
  • One slide for each song in chronological order (10 slides total)
    • Song, Artist, Date
    • What is the song about?
  • In what way can you relate the song to the social and cultural period in which the song was written (essential question)?
  • One summary slide addressing the Essential Question
  • One slide comparing and contrasting the favorite song from each partner
  • Choose meaningful lines from your sample and put them on a slide and interpret them after you play your sample (2 slides)
  • Play a sample from each favorite (2 samples)

Final Presentation Preparation Schedule

  • Pick a Topic and partner  – 10 pts – (Due – Wed, Apr 27)
  • Submit your song analysis and lyrics to me – 60 pts –  (Due Fri, May 6)
  • Submit your connection piece – 80 pts – ( Due Thu, May 12)
  • Submit PowerPoint slides including comparisons, relevant lyrics and song samples to me — 50 pts – (Due Thu, May 19)
  • Final Presentation beginning May 23

The submissions are part of your fourth term grade.

Their values (in points) are indicated above and timeliness is important.  You are expected to spend time out of the classroom working on your project – although you will be given time during class periods for some aspects.  I will comment on your work and you should make changes as indicated.  If you complete and correct all of these submissions you can expect a very good grade on your final presentation.

Your final presentation grade

Is a reflection of how well you presentation answers the essential question, how well you and your partner compared your songs and whether you met the requirements as outlined above.  Also you will comment on other people’s presentations and that will be part of your grade.

Grading Rubrics

 Song Analysis 60 points

Each song is worth12 points — All questions answered in complete sentences indicating you have listed to the song – 5 points, lyrics – 3 points, connected to social and cultural period – 4 points.

5 points off for each day late

Connection paper – 80 points

Meets length requirements – 10 points

References included (at least 6 – one for each song) – 10 points

60 points –

12 for each song – Description (name, artist, date, what is it about) – 4 points

Connection to social and cultural issues – 8 points

5 points off for each day late

Outline and Power Points – 50 points (submit jointly)

Song Analysis Slides (5 points each)

Title (5 points)

Comparison Slide (5 points)

Essential Question Slide (5 points)

Song Samples – Meaningful Lyrics – Interpretation (10 points each)

5 points off for each day late

Final Exam Presentation – 90 points –

Essential Question – 25 points

Song Analysis – 15 points

Comparison – 15 points

Meaningful Lyrics Interpretation – 10 points

Song Sample – 10 points

Overall Flow – 15 points

Final Exam Comments – 10 points

Songs About  Music – Katie (Adam)
Rock and Roll Music Chuck Berry 1957
Magic Carpet Ride Steppenwolf 1968
American Pie Don McLean 1971
I Love Rock N’ Roll Joan Jett 1981
Where It’s At Beck 1996
Dumb it Down Lupe Fiasco 2007
Songs About Classism and Poverty II – Adam (Katie)
Whitey on the Moon Gil Scott Heron 1970
VillageGhettoLand Stevie Wonder 1975
The Message Grandmaster Flash 1982
Fast Car Tracey Chapman 1988
Mr Wendal Arrested Development 1992
21st Century Breakdown Green Day 2009
Songs About  Empowerment of Woman I – Heather (Lauren)
Respect Aretha Franklin 1967
I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor 1979
Express Yourself Madonna 1989
Man! I Feel Like a Woman Shania Twain 1997
Independent Women Destiny’s Child 2000
So What Pink 2008
Songs About  Empowerment of Woman II – Lauren (Heather)
You Don’t Own Me Leslie Gore 1963
I Am Woman Helen Reddy 1972
Sisters are Doing it For Themselves Eurythmics 1985
Ladies First Queen Latifah – 1989
A woman’s Worth Alicia Keys – 2001
Can’t Hold Us Down Christina Aguilara – 2002
Songs About  Classism and Poverty I – Jacob (Sara)
Why I Sing the Blues B. B. King 1969
No Woman No cry Bob Marley 1974
Rich Girl Hall and Oates 1977
Another Day inParadise Phil Collins 1989
Changes Tupac 1998
All Black Everything Lupe Fiasco 2011
Songs About Woman Sara (Jake)
CaliforniaGirls Beach Boys 1965
Witchy Woman Eagles 1972
Cold as Ice Foreigner 1977
You Give Love a Bad Name Bon Jovi 1986
Stupid Girls Pink 2006
What Dem Girls Like Ludacris 2008
Songs About Unity – Ryan (Louis)
This Little Light of Mine The Seekers 1964
Everyday People Sly and the Family Stone 1969
One Love Bob Marley 1977
Ebony and Ivory Paul McCatrney and Stevie Wonder 1982
U.N.I.T.Y Queen Latifah 1993
Like Toy Soldiers Eminem 2004
Songs About  Peace/Anti-War – Louis (Ryan)
Masters of War Bob Dylan 1963
One Love Bob marley 1977
The General Dispatch 1998
Overcome Rx Bandits 2007
Gang of Thieves State Radio 2007
One Day Matisyahu 2009
Songs About School  –  Liam
School Day Chuck Berry 1957
What Did You Learn in School Today? Tom Paxton 1964
School’s Out Alice Cooper 1972
Another Brick in the Wall Pink Floyd 1979
Be Chrool to your Scuel Twisted Sister 1985
High School Never Ends Bowling for Soup 2006
Songs About  a Night Out – James 
Downtown Petula Clark 1964
Get Down Tonight KC and the Sunshine Boys 1975
Rhythm of the Night DeBarge 1985
This is How We Do It Montel Jackson 1995
Get the Party Started Pink 2001
Dynamite Taio Cruz 2010
Songs About  Hard Times II – Tom
Busted Ray Charles 1963
Livin For the City Stevie Wonder 1973
Allentown Billy Joel 1982
Boyz N The Hood N.W.A 1987
Dreams of theSan Joaquin Linda Rondstat 1998
Times Like These Kid Rock 2010
Songs About  Getting Older – Chris (Matt)
My Generation The Who 1965
Long andWinding Road Beatles 1970
Against The Wind Bob Seger 1980
Bruce Springsteen Glory Days 1984
1979 Smashing Pumpkins 1995
Can’t Say Goodbye Snoop Dogg 2008
Songs About  Romance – Matt (Chris)
Love Me Tender Elvis Presley 1956
God Only Knows The Beach Boys 1966
You’re the First, the Last, My Everything Barry White 1975
Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton 1977
 Crash into Me Dave Matthews Band 1996
 Crazy In Love Beyonce featuring Jay-Z 2003
Songs About Heartache – Anna (Angie)
A Teenager in Love Dion and the Belmonts 1959
Chain of Fools Aretha Franklin 1967
The First Cut is the Deepest Rod Stewart 1976
Romeo and Juliet Dire Straits 1980
In the Shape of a Heart Jackson Browne 1986
So Sick Ne-Yo 2006
Songs About  Rockin Out  – Angie (Anna)
Shake Rattle and Roll Bill Haley 1953
China Grove Doobie Brothers 1973
You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party Beastie Boys 1986
Let’s Get Rocked Def Leppard 1992
Rock Your Body Justin Timberlake 2002
Raise Your Hands David Guetta 2011
Songs About  Dangers of Materialism – Britani (Tyler)
Twentieth Century Fox The Doors 1967
Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin 1971
Spirits in the Material World The Police 1981
Beautiful Day U2 2000
Macy’s Day Parade Green Day 2000
Say Something Timbaland 2009
Songs About Events in the News – Tyler (Britani)
For What it’s Worth BuffaloSpringfield 1966
Chicago(We Can Change The World) Graham Nash 1971
Games Without Frontiers Peter Gabriel 1980
Rockin the Free World Neil Young 1989
Let’s Roll Neil Young 2001
Critical Travie McCoy 2010