First Quarter Biography Project

First Quarter Biography Project Selections

  • Elvis Presley – Matt
  • Rolling Stones – Jacob and Sara
  • Bob Dylan – Adam and Katie
  • Jimi Hendrix – Chris
  • Michael Jackson – Ryan and James
  • Led Zeppelin – Anna and Angie
  • Pink Floyd – Tyler and Brittani
  • The Beatles – Louis and Liam
  • The Who – Lauren, Heather
  • Eric Clapton – Tom

Select an artist or personality that interests you from rock history and who became well know to the public before 1975.  Research everything you possibly can about that person.  This project may be done alone or with one other person. Then present a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation in which both partners present your biography.  This will include at least 6 minutes of music (you should discuss at least 2 songs and their lyrics) photographs and/or video and also your PowerPoint slides.   I will provide some library time for you.

In addition, you should prepare a handout which includes photos, and information to be given to the other students during your presentation.

Be sure to include the following:

  • · Biographical Sketch (handout)

What’s the artist’s story from early life through to the present/their death? What sort of key personal experiences molded the person into the artist they are today/were? Take into account historical and social events going on around that person that may have impacted him or her and his music.

  • · Influences (handout)

Who, according to the artist, were the key influences that molded the artist musically.  You should consider both artists and genres that made them who they musically are. Are there artist’s influences that aren’t mentioned in your research that you detect in their work?

  • · Discography (A Chronological list of Albums and singles)

What are, in your informed opinion, the key recordings, performances, and albums that define this artist? You must support your evaluation with factual data and analysis.

  • · Bibliography/Works Cited (handout)

Where did you get your information? Be sure to include a variety of sources: Internet, books, magazine articles, text book, etc (I have some books available,, and Mr. Murray

can also help you with this.)


Monday, Mar 14Choose a Partner and three artists or personalities you are interested in.

Tuesday, Mar 15I will assign you and your partner one of your 3 choices on a first come, first serve basis – so get your choices to me ASAP.  If you do not give me a choice by Thursday, I will assign an artist to you; and if necessary I will also assign a partner.

Tuesday, Mar 22Your outline, bibliography and discography are due and you should have had a brief meeting with me to discuss the project.

Tuesday, Mar 29PowerPoint slides, music choices, lyrics, plan for handout or handout

Monday, Apr 4 – Thursday,  Apr 7 – Handouts and presentations to class