Rock and Roll

Social and Cultural History of Rock and Roll

This course seeks to answer the essential question:  How has Rock & Roll reflected and been influenced by major social and cultural changes during the last fifty five years?

We are currently listening to Music of the 80’s and will shortly begin Studying Hip – Hop

The Final  Project is Now Online and Presentations due beginning May 19

Remember the '80s? It was a time when MTV actually played music videos — and hair scrunchies, leg warmers, and parachute pants weren't just worn by ironic hipster poseurs. Some of the following performers weathered the years well and are still musically relevant, while others are sad fodder for 'Where are they now' documentaries. Devo (top left) played the Bank of America Pavilion on June 27. Check out the group then and now ... Read the Globe's review of Devo in concert : Complete with yellow jumpsuits, they are still Devo (June 30)