Song Analysis Form

Name ____________________________        Date ______________________


Song __________________________________________________________

Artist __________________________________________________________

Album _________________________________________________________

Year    ____ Genre _________    “GrooveShark” Playlist ___________________

  1. What is the subject of the piece? How do you know this? How has the subject been selected and presented by the artist?
  2. Can you classify this subject in any of the following cultural/social categories? (environment, peace/antiwar, sports, social upheaval, justice/injustice, civil rights, economics, gender roles in society, romantic love, sex, alienation, rock music, introspection, counter culture, drugs, alcohol, school, etc..)
  3. How does this song relate to social or cultural climate at the time it was written? What events (societal or cultural) may have prompted the artist to write this piece? How might the subject of the song be perceived in relation to that climate?
  4. What assumptions can you make about the artist? What social class do they come from? What political party? What gender?
  5. What is the artist’s purpose? In what ways does he/she convey this message? What is the song saying?
  6. As you listen to this song are there any assumptions you can make about the audience to whom it is directed? Think about things like race, gender, social class or a specific person for whom the song was created.  Is the artist’s language directed at a specific audience; this may be characterized by words or phrases that are unusual?
  7. How is the song supposed to make you feel? What is the emotional state of the artist? How is the artist trying to spark a reaction from the audience? What words or phrases show the artist’s tone?  What is the mood, the tone, the attitude, the point-of-view of the song?
  8. Choose a few lines that are meaningful to you, and that you think may have more than one meaning to the audience, and interpret them?


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